ESD Mat - UK

What does an ESD Mat do

An ESD mat is used to protect a piece of electrical equipment like a PC, Blu Ray player or Playstation from an electrostatic discharge (ESD). A majority of electronic components used today are sensitive to having static electricity or ESD.

How do ESD Mats work

An ESD mat is manufactured by a conductive material that collects any static electricity. Following the collection of this static electricity, an ESD Mat would need to be grounded or earthed to enable the static electricity to discharge in a controlled and safe way. To ensure the ESD Mat is grounded you will need to earth the mat by plugging it directly into a grounded electrical outlet which will accomplish grounding.

How to use an ESD Mat

It is imperative to place an ESD mat is directly underneath the equipment that is going to be effected by the electrostatic discharge (ESD).  Once an anti static mat or ESD mat is completely grounded, any components or equipment on the ESD Mat must remain grounded or on the mat as it will still susceptible to ESD causing shock.

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